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Our performance core is made of advanced polypropylene.  Extra buoyancy makes the board ride higher in the water, giving greater speed and wave-catching and a greater flex memory means it will hold its shape for longer compared to a PE core. 

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V-Core Plus

The V-Core plus takes the projection and shock absorption from the V-Core but adds an extra layer of higher density PE to increase the stiffness and durability of the board.

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A more advanced PE core with greater flex, strength and durability. This premium core adds speed and projection to your turns, absorbs landings and gives a more solid, ‘drivey’ feel to your bodyboard.



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Stringers are added to our high to top end bodyboards - they are formed in a monocoque (think aircraft body) construction to massively increase strength and stiffness through the centre of the board. This extra internal spine gives a more powerful, long-lasting flex for speed and projection in hollower waves and greatly increases the overall life of the board.

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HDPE + Mesh Bottom:

Featured on our Fuse, Ultra and Pro models - this use material takes all the advantages of the HDPE but adds a woven fibre mesh structure during the moulding process which adds a great deal of strength and allows for great projection when performing turns in steeper waves.

HDPE Bottom:

This High Density Polyethylene material gives great strength to the bodyboard and provides a smooth, hydrodynamic surface to ensure easy wave-catching, effortless planing along the face of the wave and greater maneuverability.


IXPE Deck/Rails:

A stiffer, higher density deck and rail material which enhances the strength, feel and durability of the board.

XPE Deck/Rails:

A smooth, consistent and shock absorbing skin material with lifelong UV stability and excellent watertightness.


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