Foam Slider

Foam Slider


Retro fun meets modern performance. The Foam Slider combines an easy wave catching, full outline up front with a performance-driven, rounded pin tail for critical surfing and confidence when the waves get bigger. The modern hybrid shape is matched with a new 5-box fin configuration to make it even more versatile with thruster or quad options for your favourite set of fins.


Length: 6’ 0” Rounded Pintail

Width: 21 1/2”

Volume: 51L

Thickness: 75mm

Construction: Heat laminated construction

Core: 100% waterproof XPS

Deck: 4mm IXPE

Rails: Shaped bumper rails

Bottom: 0.7mm reinforced HDPE Mesh slick

Stringers: 2 x wooden stringers

Fins: Plastic set

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