Pro 45 Bodyboard

Pro 45 Bodyboard


The brand new Vision Pro model is our ultimate performance bodyboard. Developed from scratch to see how far we could push our technology

42” I 45”

Pro Core + Stringer
Deck: 4mm IXPE Contoured deck
Rails: Double 4mm IXPE
Bottom: 0.4mm reinforced HDPE Mesh slick
Leash: Coil urethane
Features: Channels

The Pro features our brand new polypropylene core for vastly improved strength and reduced weight over the V-Core but it doesn’t stop with the new core though. We’ve thrown every one of our top end technologies from the rest of the range at this board. A fibreglass stringer ramps up flex and projection through the length, top quality IXPE deck and double rails give maximum feel and durability and our HDPE+ Mesh woven slick finishes the board off with our strongest base. On top of this, an all new contoured deck increases control during big duck-dives, steep drops, spins, airs and heavy landings. They also increase control during fast, bumpy rides.

This is the most advanced bodyboard we’ve ever made.

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