Rad Core Type


This core is great for everyday intermediate riding. When combined with the correct deck, rails and slicks the XPS core performs extremely well in good sized surf.

The XPS core is a 100% Waterproof EPS foam made exclusively for Bodyboarding and Soft Surfboards and should not be compared with other EPS foam boards on the market.


Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 15.18.04.png


Slick Bottom

High Density
Polyethylene slick

HDPE slick add strength to the bodyboard or surfboard it also gives a resistance free riding surface to enhance speed and manoeuvrability on the wave.

Mesh Slick

as above but with a woven fibre mesh embedded inside the slick to give added strength and projection.



Wooden Stringer

The wooden stringers add to the surfboards longitudinal strength and increases stiffness. This feature is used on all Vision Soft Surfboards.


Surfboard Collection